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NetWitness Investigator

     Category: Network & Communications / Network Monitoring

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NetWitness Investigator
NetWitnessT« Investigator is the award-winning interactive threat analysis application of the NetWitness NextGen product suite. Investigator provides security operations staff, auditors, and fraud and forensics investigators the power to perform unprecedented free-form contextual analysis of raw network data captured and reconstructed by the NetWitness NextGen infrastructure. Developed originally for the U.S. Intelligence Community, and now used extensively by Law Enforcement, Defense, and other public and private organizations, Investigator is based upon 10 years of development and deployment in some of the most demanding and complex threat environments. With its groundbreaking user interface and unprecedented analytics, Investigator lets you see your network traffic in a new way. Unlike packet analysis products products which display network traffic in the context of confusing network nomenclature, Investigator uses a lexicon of nouns, verbs and adjectives OCo characteristics of the actual application and logic layer protocols parsed by NextGen during session reconstruction. Both novice and expert users can use Investigator to pivot terabytes of network traffic easily to dive deeply into the context and content of network sessions in real-time -- making threat analysis that once took days, take only minutes. It is this intersection of network metrics, rich application flow, and content information that differentiates NetWitnessT« products from any other capability on the market today. In addition to the rich data Investigator receives from the NextGen infrastructure of NetWitness Decoders and Concentrators, Investigator Enterprise can locally capture live traffic and process packet files from virtually any existing network collection device for quick and easy analysis. And by integrating NetWitness Investigator Enterprise with NetWitnessT« Live, you also have access to multi-source threat intelligence. Product Features: * Supports NetWitnessT« Live * SSL Decryption (with server certificate) * Interactive time charts, and summary view * Interactive packet view and decode * Hash Pcap on Export * Enhanced content views * Real-time, Patented Layer 7 Analytics OCo Effectively analyze data starting from application layer entities like users, email, address, files , and actions. OCo Infinite, free-form analysis paths OCo Content starting points OCo Patented port agnostic service identification * Extensive network and application layer filtering (e.g. MAC, IP, User, Keywords, Etc.) * IPv6 support * Captures live from any wired or wireless interface * Full content search, with Regex support * Exports data in .pcap format * Imports packets from any open-source, home-grown and commercial packet capture system(e.g. .pcap file import) * Bookmarking & History Tracking * Integrated GeoIP for resolving IP addresses to city/county, supporting Google Earth visualization * Customizable right-click functionality * Supports WLAN 802.11 Microsoft, Linux and Mac OS radio devices as well as various header formats including CACEOCOs per packet information * Supports RSA SecurID and LDAP authentication
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Author: NetWitness Corporation
License: Freeware
File Size: 137.9 MB
Downloads: 59

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